15 opinions from digital experts

Your inspirational guide towards the bank of the future!


The future of banking starts today.

It has been said before: the world is changing. The world is going digital. And in order to cope with these changes, banks need to adapt and turn their services digital. The first step in that process was mobile banking. But what follows is a bigger challenge. 

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  • What does an AI-first bank look like?
  • Which new services can a digital bank offer? 
  • In a world that is more and more populated by digital natives, how do you meet their expectations? 

This short read doesn’t have the answers to all these questions, 

but we’ve compiled some interesting thoughts and ideas on the challenges banks face for the years to come. 

Each one of these innovation-driven writers give their view on customer engagement, the war for talent, driving innovation, 

and of course technology.

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